Uses for a Portable Fence

There are many instances when installing a permanent fence just does not make sense. If the fence is for a temporary project or city ordinances will not allow a permanent fence, a portable fence is an option to consider. A portable fence is much cheaper than a permanent fence and will serve your security needs just as well as a permanent fence. Common uses for a portable fence include construction work, temporary restrictions, events, border security, and many other uses. Chain Link Fences

Construction Work

A portable fence is the perfect solution for construction sites. You will only be working in the area for a short time; and, with fencing restrictions that may be in place to the city, it would not be feasible to build a permanent fence. These fences will keep the area secure and will not cost a fortune. This is important for construction sites that are often working within a budget. You also want to provide a barrier between your workers and citizens who could be injured by items such as flying debris. A fence could very well protect you legally by preventing injury to others as the result of work being completed at a construction site. If you have taken reasonable measures to prevent injuries from occurring, then this may prevent you from paying out injuries in a lawsuit. Wood Fences


Any public event that draws large numbers of people could potentially have security issues. For such an event, a portable fence is the perfect solution. Events that likely could use these types of fences for security include outdoor concerts, circuses, carnivals, charity events, festivals, and many other types of events. Not only will a portable fence prevent security problems such as unwanted guests, but it can also be useful to help people find the entrance for an event. Also, if it is a "paid-entry" event, a portable fence will prevent people from skipping out on the admission fee and sneaking into the event. Vinyl Fences

Temporary Restrictions

There may be times when you need to close off an area temporarily, such as a time that a bar or club is reserved for a special occasion. A portable fence can be easily erected and taken down quickly. This will cause no damage to the property and is a relatively inexpensive way to provide the security needed for a special event.

Border Security 

A parade is a perfect example of a time when you would need a portable fence for security. The fence will prevent spectators from entering the street and being an injured by vehicles or horses. This fence will make it difficult for people to run into the path of the parade but will be easily moved once the event is over. Privacy Fences

There are many other uses for a portable fence; these are only a few. If you would like to know more about pricing and what fencing options are available, a fencing specialist can give you assistance in finding the right fencing solution. Fence Company

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